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! New cable and wire products
Production of new types of cable and wire products was launched.
KVK-V, KVK-P, KVK-Pt cable. Combined cable for video surveillance systems. The cable is made for television signal transmission in video surveillance systems with connection of power supply and/or control signal transmission at the same time.
KUPV, KUPVe  cable. Cable with copper cores with PE insulation (with no screened or all screened cores) in PVC jacket. The cable is made for electrical commands transmission at low power, AC up to 205V, frequency up to 1000Hz or DC up to 350 V.
PSh  wire. Flexible non-insulated wire for brushes in electrical machines. The wire is made to connect brushes in electrical machines with connection terminals.
PVS wire. PVS connection wires with flexible copper cores. The wires are made for connection of household electrical appliances and their analogs to AC power point, for electrical devices, applicable for building repair, washing machines, refrigerators, small scale equipment for gardening and horticulture and for extension cords.
MKSh, MKShM, MKESh, MGShV cables. Multi- core mounting wires with plastic insulation and jacket.  The cable is made for fixed mounting between electrical equipment, working with nominal AC up to 500 V, frequency up to 400Hz or DC up to 750 V.
PUNP, PUGNP wires. Wire with single-wire copper conductive cores, PVC elastron or PE insulated, jacketed by PVC elastron.  The wire is made for fixed laying in lighten networks with AC up to 250V, including wooden constructions.
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