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! Start of heat shrinkable closures production

Kazcentrelectroprovod LLC launched production of following heat-shrinkable closures in the end of 2009:

  • MTT-K line of closures for solid and empty cables with flexible paper-board rig, dimension types from 43/8 to 137/38;
  • MTT-A line of closures with reinforced strap for cables with metal rig and without inside pressure, dimension types from 43/8 to 200/55;
  • MTT-AB line of closures for under pressure cables with metal rig and air valve, dimension types from 62/15 to 200/65;
  • MT-K and MT-T line of closures without reinforced strap, with high parameters of encapsulation; this line of closures is the best alternative option for “cold shrinkage” method and for mechanical closures. The line of closures perfectly fits for mounting in access networks.
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Support request