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Performance of the closure eks-6SKaT improved – fire-free installation
Specialists of "Kazcentrelectroprovod" company mastered fire-free installation technology of eks-6SKaT closure applied to the rubber-insulation cable KGE, which is a new step in the closures improvement!

Heat shrinkable materials are not included in the updated design of eks-6SkaT splicing closure, unlike in the previous model, which eliminates the use of a gas burner or other fire equipment and greatly simplifies and reduces installation time.

The new design of the eks-6SKaT, is excels the previous model by higher flexibility. This is ensured by the fact that the red color heat-shrinkable tube with glued 2220 tape, which was necessary for the insulation and alignment of the electric field, and the heat-shrinkable tube with an adhesive layer, which was needed to seal, in a new design are replaced for self-vulcanizing tape. This tape has a high dielectric strength up to 51kV/mm as well as, regardless of the number of layers, remains permanently elastic and flexible. This property provides the insulation and makes any kind of design destruction impossible.

Incredible flexibility of a new type of splicing closure eks-6SKaT is mainly provided by the fact that restoration of the separation layer is provided by bending wide self-vulcanizing tape over all recovered stranded conductors, that turns to a solid monolith after application. Restoration of the separation layer allows cores to move relative to each other. Restoration of the separation layer has not taken place in the previous model, which allowed compound easily go between the cores of cable and firmly fasten them together, thus greatly reducing the design flexibility. 3 sleeves made of volume mesh with special Velcro for fixing are installed on top of the reduced separation layer. The previous version had a whole list of volume mesh with special Velcro for fixing to create a volume that after filled with compound gave less flexibility.

New design of eks-6SkaT closure has a natural aesthetic appearance, the characteristics of which have no visual difference from the cable itself.
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