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The Birthday of Company!

Dear Colleagues!

13th of October is the birthday of KAZCENTRELECTROPROVOD!

Therefore, today we celebrate the Birthday of Company!

Over the years of existence we have firmly established in the market having pressed many competitors. We are known and respected. We have an excellent reputation which we are very much proud of!

Estimating what we have managed to reach for these years, remembering what we began with and observing what the Company became today, we know very well that this is not a limit of our possibilities and we are can do better!!! Therefore, we will still overcome any obstacles and solve even more complex tasks. It allows us to become more smart, experienced and stronger!

Today, at the birthday, we tell "Thanks for your work!" to each employee of the company.

We tell "Thank you for choosing us!" to all partners and clients of our company.

We wish all of us success, new ideas, grandiose plans and good health!

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