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Kazakhtelecom JSC is one of the largest telecommunication companies in Kazakhstan. The company participated in the state program “30 corporate leaders of Kazakhstan”. Kazakhtelecom JSC has a status of national operator of communication. Two company’s headquarters are situated in Astana city and Almaty city. The company branches are located in all Kazakhstan regions. Kazakhtelecom JSC provides with telephony (including ISDN), data transmission networks, Internet wideband access, IPTV, hosting, SIP-telephony, video-conference, telegraph and intelligent network.

Kazcentrelectroprovod Company has been the general supplier of cable and conducting products since the company establishment in mid-90th. Beginning with 2011 GRON technology optical networks for Internet access have been actively developing due to large availability of optical cables and distributing devices, specially designed for Kazakhtelecom JSC by Kazcentrelectroprovod Company.

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