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Аlma TV

ALMA–TV is a leader among operators of cable television and data transmission in Kazakhstan. The Company implements rebroadcasting of over 70 TV channels from all over the world in analogue format and it also rebroadcasts over 100 TV channels in digital format.Appearing as a serious participator of Kazakhstan telecommunication market, ALMA-TV Company pays special attention to partners selection.

“Kazcentrelectroprovod” Company has been delivering telecommunication products to ALMA-TV since 2006. In 2013 on ALMA-TV order, “Kazcentrelectroprovod” Company started the development of FTTB technology multiservice optical network in Saran town, acting as a communication developer.

“Kazcentrelectroprovod” Company has set a task of assistance to ALMA-TV in searching technical and technological solutions for ALMA-TV projects realization, which is directed to developing and improving of cable television systems and data transmission in the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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